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Diwali Images - Happy Diwali 2016 Images - Hey guys again we are back with another article but this time something different. Well, an image is more attractive than text our brain can understand and catch image 67% more than compared to text. Yes, that's true. So, guys, one of my favorite festivals is near and today we make the list on Happy Diwali Images we choose Beautiful pictures,wallpaper for you.

Diwali Images are the most downloaded images from the internet during the months of October and November. It has to be because called the festival of lights; Diwali is the most important and auspicious festival in India, and through Diwali Images, people love to send their regards to each other on this festival.

The festival is celebrated to honor the return of Lord Rama-Chandra from his 14-year exile. Lord Rama was not only coming back from exile but also after defeating the demon king Ravana in a war and rescuing his wife, goddess Sita from Ravana. According to the folk tales, people of Ayodhya(Lord Rama’s hometown) were so excited about the return of Lord Rama and that too after winning the war that they lighted diyas, burst crackers, exchanged sweets and decorated the whole town.

The date of Diwali is decided according to the Hindu Lunisolar calendar and always falls on a different date, usually in the months of October or November. This time in 2016, it is on October 30th i.e. Sunday.
Traditions have never faded away, and people still follow all the traditions associated with the festival.

Although our lives have been becoming simpler, being with all of our friends and family on the eve of Diwali has been becoming even tougher.  Sometimes it’s the job, and at other times it’s the distance.

When it comes to wishing each other, whether close by or in a different city, almost everybody believes in doing it through messages, especially using some visually attractive Diwali Images. Earlier it used to be text messages, but with the launch of WhatsApp and multiple customizations available to your messages, nobody uses text messages to wish each other and everybody prefers using Diwali Images.

Very often the best way to wish others is sending your message along with a Diwali Image. Data rates are still high in India and Diwali Images are something everybody can download easily irrespective of the data pack.

Sharing Diwali Images along with a personal message with your friends and family are not only loved and appreciated by everyone; they are easily available.

The Internet is abuzz with a lot of Diwali Images available for free download. You can easily download any and every kind of Diwali Images and share it with the people of your choice or on the social media platform of your choice, all under a minute.

The best part is that Diwali Images are available in almost every language that is spoken in India and different styles and sizes as well.

So, as a result,whoever you are or wherever you are from, you can easily find Diwali Images based on your choice and preferences.

Adding to that, you can also choose Diwali Images based on the audience you want to share it with. Where children would love Diwali Images about crackers and sweets, elders will love Diwali Images based on gods and goddesses.

Still, have any doubts or is there any way that we can help you in choosing the best Diwali Images? Do let us know in the comments section!

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